The Development

Bespoke iOS and Android business apps designed to support your enterprise.

sunfork understands the real potential for apps. We’re talking here about the development of highly interactive tools that can be utilised by different teams across mobile devices – to support and add value to all aspects of the business. For example in sales and marketing the challenge is to harness mobile apps to create a consistent brand experience that can transform customer interactions.

Unlike most other companies we’re not comfortable outsourcing app development to third parties because success really depends on the project management, UX, design and development teams working closely together. That’s why we maintain complete in-house control of every app project from design to build and deployment. So whatever app you require, we can offer cutting edge capabilities and local production.

We can build apps for:

  • mobile apps
  • web apps;
  • watch apps;
  • tv apps;
  • mobile apps